Plants: Best options to have at home!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I always wanted to have tons of plants in my apartment but didn’t know which ones would survive (I’m really bad and always forget to water them and all that stuff), so I decided to look around, search and ask people to find the right ones for me and the place we live. I started my beginner collection with:

1. Golden Pothos or Devil‘s ivy:

This one is honestly the easiest one to take care of. I love how it grows, beautiful and colorful leaves, doesn’t need lots of water and it adapts pretty quickly to any environment. Everywhere I read says needs a little humidity but if it doesn’t have it, it survives anyways.

Recommended for spaces like bathrooms, dorm rooms, and offices, because it doesn’t need lots of sun or bright light. They last up to 10 years if you take care of them and the best thing, you can guide them to grow down wherever you want: a window, cabinet of a kitchen or even a front porch.

2. Peace Lily:

I really liked this one because it grows a lot and helps to purify the air of your home. It has beautiful leaves as well and wherever you put it, decorates and lightens the space. Peace Lilies can be very poisonous for pets and even kids, so just make sure you keep them away.

These plants can last a good 5 years if you learn how to water them and how to “read” them: observe how they look when you put them close to a window, or when the leaves are changing their color. These kinds of plants are super tropical so they thrive in average indoor temperatures (60-78) and in high humidity, so what I do is put my humidifier in the same room sometimes (Colorado is super dry).

3. Snake plant:

It gets the name from the leaves super thin and the different colors and lines. This is another plant that doesn't need lots of water and maintenance.

My favorite thing about it is that it helps to filter all the bad chemicals from the environment. Not pet friendly, if eaten, can be poisonous.

4. Aloe Vera:

You guys know that this plant can go through EVERYTHING and still be alive, so please do yourself a favor and get one. It has so many health benefits, beauty. (skincare).

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