I was pregnant and I didn't know?

Oh, life and its HUGE changes!

It's been quite a year, full of ups and downs, surprises and lots of challenges for everybody.

But before I tell you my story, I want to make sure you guys understand from the beginning: PCOS. What is that? My nightmare, a hormonal disorder that has been in my life since I was 13. Very common but sometimes really hard to manage.

But that's not all, add to that my crazy food allergies and deficit of vitamins. Do you think that I could get pregnant with ALL of that? I guess now I can say yes, but the doctors always said NOT AT ALL.

Years and years thinking that I was gonna be just the 'cool' aunt, or the typical friend that spoils your kids with candy and presents, until September when all changed.

After the lockdown, I had to come back to the office, I think that was May when everyone was freaking out about the virus but I was considered "essential" and I had to be working full time. Then my birthday came, celebrations, LOTS OF WINE, trips and lots of adventures. July was amazing, I went hiking like five times in Utah for our anniversary and never had any symptoms, my body was not changing and didn't have any signs of pregnancy.

Life kept going with my crazy work schedules and of course my social life, my friends and my dinner dates.

At the beginning of September I started to feel some abdominal pain, like when your food is not digesting well and strong cramps like when you're in that time of the month. I went to my physical exam and they ran all the tests and said that everything was great.

After a week, my pain was still there. So I decided to go to Urgent Care to see if they could give me prescription for some medicine, but their response was "this could be something serious and you should go to emergency room for some labs and scans". WHAT? EMERGENCY ROOM? Is it that serious? Yep, I guess it was.

After a couple hours, lots of shots, IV and tests, a nurse comes into the room with her super smile and said, "Congrats, you're pregnant".

My heart started pounding so hard, I was confused, surprised, ALONE. Just went for pills and now I'll leave with a baby.

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